Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Kaxite offers complete range of rubber sheets, according to different requirement offers a variety of material rubber sheets, we produce all kinds of rubber products according to customer's demands. Manufacturer gaskets, etc. Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth or wire.

Model:KXT B400CR

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Product Description

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

1. The neoprene rubber sheet is an all-purpose elastomer and a versatile synthetic material used in a wide

range of applications. 
2. Neoprene material will not deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight or bad weather, and it performs well in

contact with oils or chemicals. 
3. Neoprene rubber sheets are physically tough and continue to have good strength, flexibility, and elongation

over a wide temperature range. 
4. We offer many grades of neoprene sheets suitable for a number of applications. Cloth inserted neoprene,

anti-static ESD neoprene and even FDA approved neoprene are all within our catalog.


Our neoprene rubber sheet is used to make electrical wires and cables, adhesives, bridge supports, flame retardant

conveyor belts and ventilating ducts, auto parts, and corrosion resistant lining, etc. It is also applicable for power plants,

wastewater treatment factories, chemical plants and other places requiring materials that are resistant to corrosion,

high temperatures and poor weather.

We also offer customized neoprene rubber sheets with particular specifications. Contact us to learn more.


Specifications and Parameters of Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Thickness 1.0mm~150mm
Regular width 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 2m (max. 4m)
Length Customizable, regularly 5~30m
Color Black, red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, etc.
Density/Specific gravity 1.1g/cm3~1.6g/cm3
Tensile strength 3~15MPa
Elongation at break 150~500%
Hardness 45-85 Shore A
Temperature range -50℃~120℃
Machining Cut into strips or pieces, or punched

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